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Long-Term Effects of Scalp Micro Pigmentation to Consider Before You Commit

Are you suffering from hair loss and looking to undergo scalp micropigmentation as a solution? OK. Scalp micropigmentation is undoubtedly a popular choice to deal with receding hairline. However, it has its unique aspects, including what it is, its benefits, long-term effects, cost, etc., before you go for it. Accordingly, this blog can prove a good read as it acquaints you with everything you need to know about scalp micro pigmentation in Pune. So then, let’s get started!

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation is a non-surgical and non-invasive hair-restoration solution for people struggling with male pattern baldness, receding hairline, or bald patches. So, it isn’t a hair loss or hair fall solution as many may consider it. Scalp micropigmentation is known for its immediate and enduring results. Besides, it gets completed quickly and doesn’t involve any downtime. But how exactly does scalp micro pigmentation work? Or, what happens during scalp micro pigmentation. Let’s overview its process in the next section.

What is the Process for Scalp Micropigmentation – Before, During and After the Treatment

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the process of scalp micro pigmentation.

Before Scalp micropigmentation

  • You wash your hair and scalp before the appointment. 
  • At the clinic, the practitioner marks the scalp areas that need treatment.
  • If you are bald, you and your provider create a hairline per your age, facial structure, and head shape.
  • Then, you both choose a pigment matching your color.
  • After that, the specialist applies a numbing medicine to the scalp.

During Scalp MicroPigmentation

  • The provider uses a needle to deposit pigment on the areas of the scalp.
  • The dots will vary in size, depth, and angle to create a natural hairlike appearance.
  • The treatment takes 4-5 hours depending on the size of the area under treatment.
  • Usually, people need three or more treatments scheduled across several weeks.
  • Every session adds more pigment to give your hair a thicker look.

After Scalp Micro Pigmentation

As the procedure doesn’t involve anesthesia, you can resume your normal life after the treatment. However, your specialist will issue some aftercare instructions adhering to which is imperative to maintain the treatment’s effectiveness. Some aftercare instructions may include the following.

  • Keeping your scalp dry
  • Avoiding excessive sweating
  • Ensuring the scalp remains moisturized during the healing process
  • Washing the scalp after 4-5 days after the session
  • Avoiding strong chemicals like anti-dandruff shampoos

Am I a Good Candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation?

One cannot consider scalp micro pigmentation appropriate for everyone. Your doctors will consider factors like age, extent of baldness, thinning hair, and hair type before determining the treatment’s suitability. People prone to keloids should not go for scalp micro pigmentation. That’s because the process can stimulate the growth of keloids in such people.

Micropigmentation vs. Microblading

Both are semi-permanent cosmetic treatments. However, micropigmentation delivers pigment deeper into the skin than microblading. Hence, the result of micropigmentation is more enduring (twice as long) than microblading. The longevity of microblading is 1-1.5 years. Whereas the impact of micropigmentation lasts for several years.

What are the Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation benefits in various ways. Some include the below.

  • Non-Invasiveness

Scalp micro pigmentation is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t involve any incisions and anesthesia.  Hence, it has minimal side effects. 

  • Instant and Sustainable Results

The results are almost instant. Besides, since it isn’t a surgical process, it doesn’t involve any downtime. The medical-grade pigment also lasts for years.

  • Customizability

You can get the treatment customized to your needs. Customization refers to adjusting the size, shape, and color of the pigment dots per your natural hairline thus ensuring a natural-looking outcome. 

  • Safety and Effectiveness

The procedure remains safe and proves effective when you get it performed through an expert known for the best scalp micropigmentation treatment. Additionally, factors like hygiene and adherence to protocols also matter. 

  • Enhanced Appearance of Thinning Hair

Scalp micro pigmentation treatment improves the appearance of thinning hair. It gives a fuller look to the hair by tattooing tiny dots on the scalp. 

What are the Side Effects of Scalp Micropigmentation?

Although rare and minor, one should be aware of scalp micropigmentation side effects. Some of them include allergies and infections. Additionally, some people may suffer from long-term side effects depending on how the body responds to the treatment – more precisely, how the pigment behaves over time. The pigment may even migrate or change its color. In some cases, if the artist overworks the skin, the punctures may lead to permanent scarring. 

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Worth it?

Yes. It is worth your trust for the following reasons.

  • It is safe and has minimal to no side effects
  • It is non-invasive and painless
  • It doesn’t have any downtime
  • It shows instant results
  • Its results are long-lasting
  • It gives a fuller and more realistic look to the scalp


So, that was about scalp micropigmentation and the various essential things you should know. Remember, the choice of the provider of scalp micro pigmentation also matters. Hence, assess the experience, expertise, track record, feedback, administrative procedures, scalp micropigmentation before and after photos, etc., to assess the credibility of the provider. Eyebrow’s, Lip’s and Scalp Clinic can serve as one. Our experience and results speak. Call us at +91 91467 08856 to learn more about our scalp micro pigmentation treatment, scalp micropigmentation cost in Pune, and results, and book an appointment with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the long-term results of SMP?

The procedure is semi-permanent but designed to last for years. However, the longevity of results varies from person to person.

What are the downsides of scalp micropigmentation?

Some side effects of scalp micropigmentation include scarring, allergies, infection, pigment color change, and pigment migration. Of course, not everyone will suffer from these side effects. However, you should discuss the possibility of these side effects in your case.

Does SMP damage hair?

No. scalp micropigmentation doesn’t damage hair follicles.

Do people regret scalp micropigmentation?

No. When you do it through experienced and reliable experts, you don’t have to regret doing it.

What questions should I ask my provider before scalp micropigmentation?

While discussing scalp micropigmentation with your provider, you must ask questions concerning the effectiveness of the treatment, its suitability in your case, the duration of results, side effects and risks, the total cost and inclusions, the number of sessions required in your case, and any other specific ones that you may have before you commit to the treatment.

What is the recovery time after scalp micropigmentation?

Usually, the recovery time is a week after the process.