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Microblading vs Permanent Makeup Which is Better?

A beautiful, dense eyebrows is a dream most of us desire to get fulfilled. The current aesthetic and growing cosmetic industry have solution to each of your concerns and it is continuously evolving and upgrading itself to meet the requirements of each one of us. Concept of permanent make up to add beauty to your face has started in early 1902 for adding pinkish blush to cheeks. Then after it became popular and gained its demand in cosmetic practice.

What is the difference between permanent make up and microblading or micropigmentation?

The difference between permanent make up and microblading or micropigmentation is, In permanent make up, the ink or the pigment is added deeper inside the skin layer into the dermal layer of skin, results of which last longer, years together, but giving a look of shading or painting done under the skin. As this pigment inserted into the deeper levels of skin, there is a chance of smudging the ink and pigment due to subcutaneous layer of fat. With time, there was timely evolution and upgradation in this science which gave rise to these days Microblading and Micropigmentation treatments.

Microblading and Micropigmentation fall under a category of semi- permanent make up, in which pigment ink is added in the upper epidermal layer of skin. Due to this, the ink or pigment fades in a time span of 2 to 3 years, after which one may have to go for redoing the session to restore the darkness of pigment.