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Lip Micropigmentation Process, Benefits, & Cost

    Lip Micropigmentation, Lip Pigmentation Treatment, is a technique of permanent make-up utilizing an ultra-thin needle for implanting pigment into the uppermost or top layer of the lip skin to accentuate lip color, as well as help thin or misshaped lips appear more defined and prominent or simply help give dark patchy lip or highly pigmented lip a more even and uniform skin tone. Lip Micropigmentation involves Lip Pigmentation Removal, which is a smudge-free, long-lasting, permanent treatment that aids in restoring confidence and self-esteem by enhancing lip shape and color thereby adding a more beautiful touch to one’s looks and appearance. The Lip Micropigmentation Treatment procedure works wonders for both men and women.

    Lip Pigmentation Treatment Procedure:

    The Lip Micropigmentation process takes about 2-3 hours based on the extent of work, and thereafter depending on the client’s skin type and post-care, annual touch-ups are highly recommended to retain and freshen up the look.

    An anesthetic is applied to the lips to numb the area during the procedure. Then a secondary numbing is applied to keep the client comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure. The process of healing takes around 15-30 days at the most, during which the lips tend to appear dark initially, and then fade to a light shade as they heal through the days. Once the lips have completely healed up, the true chosen color on the lips will be visible.

    The Lip Pigmentation Treatment procedure consists mainly of 2 stages. A touch-up is included and scheduled 6 weeks post initial treatment for imparting the lips a fresh and dewy look. During touch-ups, the doctors, surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetologists, and clinical aestheticians enhance the lip color by working on the areas requiring additional pigment.

    Soft Nude Lip Blush

    Is a microblading technique that employs nude pink colors to create density and is great for clients who desire to get a soft natural look. This technique is advised for clients having an overall lighter skin tone and complexion.

    Lipstick Shade Micropigmentation

    is another technique of Lip Pigmentation Treatment, which uses a fusion of varied lipstick tone pigments to create a pigment color nearest to the client’s chosen lipstick shade. This technique gives the illusory appearance of clients wearing lipsticks.

    Dark Lip Neutralization

    a part of Lip Pigmentation Removal is a pre-technique to Lipstick Shade Micropigmentation. This procedure utilizes color theory to balance out the lip color to a more natural lip color by minimizing patches of dark pigmentation on the lips. Dark lip neutralization generally takes 2 sessions to see the visible results.

    Precautionary/Preventive Measures of Lip Pigmentation Treatment:

    • If the client is having cold sores, then lip tattooing, in other words, lip micro-pigmentation, leads to pigment loss. Clients are advised to take their prescribed anti-viral medication (Valtrex) 5-7 days prior & 5-7 days post-procedure to ward off an outbreak.
    • If the client receives regular Botox or Fillers for lips, they should get them done at least 4 weeks before the lip blush appointment.

    Who is the right candidate for Lip Pigmentation Treatment/Lip Tattoo?

    • People aspiring to accentuate the appearance and beauty of their lips
    • People allergic to conventional cosmetics or make-up
    • People desiring to cover mismatched lip color/scars/dark lips/ lip discoloration.

    How to Select a Permanent Lip Color:

    The permanent lip color can be done in any shade of red, pink, or orange. Generally, most clients go for subtle, flesh-toned shades in keeping with their complexions, as well as suitable for any occasion that can match any makeup look. In this respect, one’s artist can help him/her with the color choice, and one should adhere to their suggestions seriously. The artistes have an eye for detail and extensive knowledge of color theory, and so will be able to match the pigments best suited for your skin tone and undertone.

    Benefits of Lip Micropigmentation:

    • Better defined lips
    • Correct the shape of the lips
    • Improved lip symmetry
    • No lipstick required
    • Pigmentation of color
    • Enduring lip color
    • Affordable & economical
    • Give the appearance of fuller lips
    • Young, youthful appearance

    Is the Lip Pigmentation Treatment/Lip Micropigmentation Painful?

    The lip area is extra-sensitive and having a needle pierce one’s lips over and over might sound a bit apprehensive and scary. However, a numbing or anesthetic cream is applied before mitigating or eliminating the pain. According to most clients, the procedure is uncomfortable, but not painful though.

    How does One Prepare for Lip Micropigmentation/Lip Tattoo Treatment:

    In a bid to prep yourself for the treatment, it’s advisable to avoid the following substances, medications, and vitamins that result in the thinning of your blood:

    • Aspirin
    • Ibuprofen
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Caffeine (coffee & tea)
    • Fish oil
    • Niacin
    • Vitamin
    • Exfoliating skincare products 
    • Medications that tend to thin out the skin

    How Long Does Lip Micropigmentation Last?

    Lip micropigmentation lasts for about 3-5 years at the most before requiring a periodic touch-up. The duration varies in keeping with factors like skin type, lifestyle habits, and pigment color.

    Lip Micropigmentation Cost:

    Lip micropigmentation treatment cost in India varies from INR 15,000 to INR 25,000. However, the cost of Lip Pigmentation Treatment in Pune ranges from INR 4000 to INR 6000. Depending on the degree or severity of darkened lips requiring Lip Pigmentation Removal, and the treatment area, the lip micropigmentation treatment cost tends to vary between INR 5000 to INR 9000.

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